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Weighted wristbands are a great tool to include in every workout session, as they increase the intensity of calorie burning and muscle tone. These fitness accessories, very affordable and easy to use, are fitted to the wrists while carrying out exercises in order to increase the load and intensity of workouts. More info

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    Bodytone Weight Band 2 x 1Kg

A Buyer's Guide to weighted wristbands

Weighted wristbands may have a fixed or variable weight, and incorporate a different load. Using this type of toning accessory provides great benefits:

  • · Increases the intensity of exercises.
  • · Increases muscle mass and strengthens the wrists.
  • · Favours a good definition of the arm muscles.
  • · Accelerates the burning of calories.
  • · Are easy to use and also to put on and remove.

Additional weight increases the difficulty of workouts by boosting resistance. This improves muscle tone in the arms, especially in the biceps, triceps and shoulder muscles. In addition, it increases the heart rate, consumption of oxygen and burning of calories.

Types of weighted wristbands

There are two types of weighted wristbands on the market. The first, fastened with Velcro, distributes the weight all over the surface of the wristband, and are generally made of neoprene or some other material that is resistant to sweat. The second type consists of a series of straps fastened to tapes that are fitted to the wrist using buckles. Due to their comfort and ergonomics, distributed wristband weights are of a higher quality, because they do not move during workouts and do not rub your skin.

The material wristbands are made of is important, as it must be sweat resistant, and have durable stitching. When using weighted wristbands, they should be a comfortable fit, without being too tight.


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