WaterRower is one of the most prestigious brands for the design and manufacture of rowing machines. Wooden oars with a polycarbonate tank and a high resistance polyester drive belt all guarantee long life.

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· Their design is exceptional: WaterRower has been combining design and style for more than 20 years, handcrafted workmanship and the best materials from sustainable sources. The WaterRower design has been exhibited at the Design Museum in London and in 2008 was awarded with the Plus X Awards for Sports and Lifestyles.

· Manufactured in wood and with a built-in Polycarbonate Tank:Polycarbonate is one of the strongest plastics in existence, and wood can support heavy weights, absorb sound and vibration, and is resistant to humidity and the sweaty atmospheres of exercise environments.

· The ?WaterFlywheel? system: WaterRower uses water to simulate the natural dynamics of a moving boat, blending the tranquillity of moving water and the rhythm of motion. This system does not provoke unpleasant muscle strains or jerking or the mechanical wear and tear of conventional rowing machines.

· Highest quality: Every WaterRower rowing machine has been manufactured to the highest quality standards. So both wooden and metal models are build to last for many years.

· Our manufacturing processes are based on a strict commitment to the environment: All the wood used to produce WaterRower models is sourced exclusively from the sustainably managed Appalachian forests (United States).


History of WaterRower

WaterRower Inc was founded in 1988, in Rhode Island (United States). Nowadays, our head offices are still situated there in the small coastal city of Warren.

In 1991, WaterRower UK was set up to distribute the brand in Europe. Initially, the offices were established in Fulham (London). In 1995, the UK offices and workshop started up under one roof in Ravenscourt Park, in West London , and in 2005 they were moved once more to larger premises near Acton, where the European headquarters are still located. In 1998, WaterRower Inc and WaterRower UK merged and nowadays, maintaining the head offices of WaterRower in London. In 2000, with the objective of extending distribution to Australasia and Asia, WaterRower Australia Pty Ltd was founded.