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Tria Beauty, is a brand specialized in the design and development of devices for skincare, offering a wide range of laser hair removal products equipped with the latest technology.

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Why buy Tria Beauty?

· Guaranteed safety and effectiveness: the Tria hair removal devices feature a clinically tested and highly effective hair removal laser which takes the place of other treatments which can be more aggressive towards to your skin. These hair removers stop the growth of body hair on the face and body, guaranteeing smooth and healthy skin.

· With the latest technology: the Tria products are inspired by professionals, and are designed and manufactured with the same technology used by dermatologists. So the Tria range of hair removers gives you professional results from your own home.

· Always looking to improve: Tria works closely with world renowned dermatologists and doctors, carrying out in-depth clinical research. Their engineering teams are continually testing and improving the products, all of which are FDA approved.

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History of Tria Beauty

2003: The inventors of LightSheer, the gold standard for laser hair removal, start Tria Beauty (formerly known as SpectraGenics). Their goal: to transform the LightSheer into a handheld laser, small and easy enough for at-home use and capable of delivering excellent and permanent results.

2004: Founders open their first office in Pleasanton, California. They hire the first Tria employee and the first Tria Hair removal Laser is created and manufactured.

2005: The first Tria Hair Removal Laser is sold in Japan.

2006: Clinical trials, rigorous safety and efficacy testing are performed on the Tria Laser in the U.S. to support an FDA submission.

2007: World-renowned laser expert Ronald G. Wheeland, M.D. validates Tria Laser's effectiveness.

2008: Tria Hair Removal Laser receives FDA clearance and is sold in the U.S.. This product goes on to receive the Beauty Breakthrough award from Allure magazine. Tria Beauty takes on its 50th employee and launches its webpage.

2009: Tria Beauty expands their global headquarters in Dublin, California. The first Tria blue laser device is developed, providing a rapid and gentle treatment to effectively improve overall complexion.

2010: Tria Beauty opens its first office in Korea, expanding its distribution to Korea and Canada.

2011: Tria Laser 3.0. is launched. Tria Beauty expands distribution to the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain. In this year Tria Beauty is recognised as one of the fasting growing technology companies in North America.

2012: The launch of the Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser represents a revolutionary breakthrough in anti-aging at-home laser treatments in the Canadian and United Kingdom markets. Continuing to grow, Tria Beauty hires its 100th employee.

2013: Tria introduces the Hair Removal Laser Precision the Hair Removal Laser 4X.

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