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The Human Trainer specializes in providing portable systems which are fun, simple and versatile to do training in suspension, help improve flexibility, strength and stability.

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Why buy The Human Trainer?

The Human Trainer is a fun, versatile and very effective system of portable training which is based on three fundamental principles of suspension training:

(1) By maintaining the body suspended a dynamic resistance against gravity is created which allows you to work on any muscle in the body.

(2) By changing the angle, and therefore, increasing or decreasing the resistance, it is possible to change the optimum point of resistance. The more horizontal the angle, the greater the stretching.

(3) Training in suspension helps to increase core body strength and stabilize the muscles, achieving a more flexible, symmetric and complete, workout than other types of training.

The Human Trainer

Benefits of working out with The Human Trainer

  • · Allows you to increase or decrease the resistance levels easily.
  • · Reduces the time needed between different exercises or when changing intensities thanks to the modular grip system.
  • · Exercises and strengthens the core and improves balance thanks to the foot cradles.
  • · Adapts to all levels, from beginners to professional athletes.
  • · It can be used almost anywhere, both indoors and outdoors.
  • · Improves your flexibility while providing a controlled way of stretching.
  • · Provides a great variety of movements during training sessions.
  • · Prevents injuries by improving flexibility, stability and core body strengthening.

The Human Trainer