World leader in the design and manufacture of precision electronic scales, trusted in more than 50% of households throughout the world, helping to monitor health and physical form in the most reliable, comfortable and safe way.

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Why buy Tanita?

Tanita, a Japanese company set up in 1923, has strengthened its position as world leader in precision scales. This success is the result of years of research, continuous improvement and the use of improved technology, unique design and the best manufacturing standards.

Tanita offers a complete line of modern design scales and body composition monitors which are capable of carrying out a complete analysis of the body by means of segmental readings of the trunk, legs and arms, helping people to lead a healthy life style and providing very reliable and precise results. This thorough analysis is also of great use to sportspersons who wish to closely monitor their physical condition to be able to perform at their best and to get the best results from their training.

Thanks to the BIA technology (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis), built in to most Tanita scales, this brand is able measure important parameters such as:

  • · Weight
  • · Percentage of body fat
  • · Muscular mass
  • · Metabolic Age
  • · Physical Index
  • · Bone density
  • · Visceral fat
  • · Body water percentage

Tanita's medical advisory board is another differentiating added value of this brand. It is made up of professionals from the main health and nutrition associations in the world who know exactly the requirements of their clients.


The history of Tanita

Founded in 1923 in Tokyo (Japan), Tanita was set up with the principal objective of providing the market with technology which would make health monitoring much easier. Based on medical evidence which relates excess body fat with cardiac diseases such as diabetes and certain kinds of cancer, in 1992 the company introduced the first scales with an incorporated body fat monitor in the professional market for medical research. In 1994, and with the same technology as was used in the professional scales, they invented the first body fat monitor for domestic use.

Since then, Tanita has earned the prestige of the scientific world for being the company which has made the most investment in this field. This prestige and the excellent quality of the products in its range, which offer unparalleled precision, innovation and durability, guarantee the company the unshakeable trust of its consumers throughout the world.