Sportline has become the global leader in fitness monitoring devices due to the enormous growth achieved in recent years based on the slogan "Join The Movement".

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Why buy Sportline?

"Every day there are opportunities to improve our fitness and overall wellbeing".

For this reason, Larry Livingston and Don McClelland, company founders, maintain a vision of some simple but complete but performance ready products for a which offer a level of precision without equal. Since its beginnings as a small brand, until reaching its current position as global leader in fitness monitoring instruments, Sport Line has provided tools which keep the users informed and motivated about their personal efforts and encourage them to "join the movement".

· The products are designed for the occasional sportsman or sportswomen as well as for the dedicated athlete.

· The only ones on the market with a double function: with or without a chest strap. The chest strap is for continuous movement sports, such as jogging or cycling. Without strap for other activities or with heart rate measurements on demand.

· Any-Touch Technology which provides the same precision as an electrocardiogram: The most advanced cardiac supervision technology on the market. This patented sensor works with the precision of an electrocardiogram (ECG), even when moving and without a chest strap.

· 3 BEAT heart beat sensor: A new technology based on a filter system which obtains precise heart rate date in 3 or fewer beats. This is the fastest and most precise contact system for heart rate measurement on the market.