Sport-Elec designs, develops, clinically tests y commercializes electrostimulation products for professionals and the general public, products for wellbeing, beauty, body care, etc. Products conceived for both men and women which aim to firm up and shape their bodies.

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· Products with slimming and toning functions: These products reproduce exactly the work done by muscles during different types of physical exercise. The products fight against the lack of muscular activity caused by a slowing of cellular change, which also brings about an increase in fat.

· Muscle building work: Sport-Elec products increase your maximum strength and the capacity of your muscle fibres to cope with the increased effort. On the other hand if the objective is the preparation for or recovery from physical effort, there are programs especially designed to speed up recovery through a very effective lymphatic drainage massage.

· Therapeutic and relaxing functions: There are products which set off an analgesic reaction on a muscular mass or any other part of the body, which helps treat muscular tension. Sport-Elec has programs for easing muscle pain and contractions. It also has programs to fight "tired legs" sensation, getting rid of that feeling of weariness and heaviness once and for all.


The history of Sport-Elec

Sport-Elec, founded in 1986, specializes in top of the range products for beauty institutions and salons. In 1994, the company began to manufacture electrostimulation devices for the general public. At first these were only delivered by mail, but thanks to technological advances and a new marketing strategy, Sport-Elec quickly achieved exceptional growth and then a broad distribution network.

In 1996 the wide product range was completed with the incorporation of specific devices for each type of client and, nowadays, they have the widest range of electro-stimulators for beauty, health and sport.