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All the accessories that are designed to improve running technique belong to the category speed workouts. Whether it is stamina, agility, flexibility, acceleration, strength, balance or speed training. Each of these accessories, affordable and easy to use, has its own way of contributing to the end result by giving a substantial improvement in the physical capacity and mental ability of the user during workouts and any kind of physical activity. More info

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  • It is ideal for several exercises including box jumps, dips, step-ups, negative jumps, box push-ups and more.
    Body-Solid 3 in 1 Wooden Plyo Box BSTWPBOX
  • Safety is key to the soft plyo box design as the reinforced soft foam protects you on jumps while remaining firm enough to perform all your favorite plyometric movements.
    Body-Solid Soft Plyobox
  • Allows for all the same plyo box exercises in a fully-adjustable platform.
    Body-Solid Pylo Step

Buyer's Guide to Speed Workout Accessories

When buying a speed workout accessory, aimed at achieving an improvement in running technique, the main factor to bear in mind is the purpose for which it was created: stamina workouts, balance workouts, etc.

Speed Workout Accessories

Balance workout

A routine of balance exercises, besides giving the sportsperson greater concentration, also offers stability through the activation and strengthening of different muscles, as you have to keep the same position over a prolonged period. During a run, changing direction involves a loss of stability in the joints and balance workouts strengthen these joints and achieve an improvement in technique.

Stamina workout

Stamina is the mental and physical capacity of an athlete to resist fatigue and the capacity to keep up your effort levels for as long as possible. This aspect is fundamental for all physical activity and so, accessories such as elastic exercise bands are useful in this sense. Training with an elastic band improves power and strength, and the greater the tension used during exercises, the higher the peaks in power that can be reached when running.

Acceleration workout

Acceleration is considered the most important motor capacity of the speed runner, and the main acceleration indicator is the length of stride, which mainly depends on the strength of the legs. Therefore, in order to work on acceleration you have to carry out specific strength exercises.

Speed Workout Accessories

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