SKLZ guides both amateur athletes and professionals in their training in order to help them improve and to better their personal bests, putting at their disposal a wide range of products which cover many and different sports disciplines, accompanied by the latest technologies and innovative developments.

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SKLZ support health and wellness, and not only create products which help to underpin this support, but they also commit to organizations which strive to achieve the same objective. This mission encompasses values which define the existence of the company and remind the whole world why they do what they do.

SKLZ Values

· Relentless: Innovating every day to give the best to athletes.

· Excellence: Striving to be best at what they do.

· Sportsmanship: Playing to win, but always fairly.

· Uncompromising: Helping athletes to improve their personal bests.

· Love: Feel passion for what you do and show it.

· Teamwork: Working like a team.

· Spirited: Transmitting energy, passion and fun.