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Bars, available in different textures and flavours are easy supplements to eat and are very common among sportspersons. Protein bars in particular, have a high protein content. These snacks, particularly easy to carry about, can be consumed before workouts or at any time of day.

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  • Has been designed to prevent destruction of the muscle mass, supplying only 3g of insulin-stimulating carbohydrates.
    GoldNutrition Total Protein Bar Low Sugar - 10 x 60gr
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    Flavour: Chocolate chip cookie, Cookies&Cream, Double chocolate

    • Goal: Muscle definition
    • Administration: At any time
  • Promotes protein synthesis, as well as the replenishment of glycogen.
    GoldNutrition Total Protein Bar - 24 x 46gr
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    Flavour: Apple, Chocolate

    • Goal: Recovery
    • Administration: Before going to bed
  • Are an ideal low-carbohydrate (CH) snack, rich in protein and fibre.
    GoldNutrition Total Protein Bar Low Carb Crunchy - 24 x 40gr
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    Flavour: Caramel-Peanut, Chocolate, Chocolate-Peanut butter

    • Goal: Loose weight
    • Administration: At any time
    • Format: Bars

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