Powerline, the manufacturing brand of Body-Solid, produce versatile, long lasting and high quality muscle building products. The products in the range have a modern, up to date design, suitable for any household.

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Why buy Powerline?

For more than 15 years Powerline has made it possible for you to do the same exercises you do in the gym in the comfort of your own home, whether it is to slim, tone or shape your body.

The Powerline apparatus have been designed for improved stability and for quick assembly. They have a compact design and are easily adjustable for different users.

In short, the products which make up the extensive Powerline catalogue have all you need for a full body workout.


The history of Body-Solid

Body-Solid, founded in 1989, has its headquarters on the outskirts of Chicago, in Forest Park (Illinois). The company has grown to become byword for quality and produces of the some of the best strength and muscle building equipment on the market, and always with one clear objective: to get their clients to improve their speed, strength and, above all, health.

Currently, the company sells its products in more than 100 countries, and is known throughout the world for offering the best guarantees on the market.