PowerBlock, supplies the most popular adjustable dumbbells on the market. With a more compact design than traditional dumbbells, they are the ideal accessory for strength training enthusiasts and for gyms which want to cut down on costs and gain more space.

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Why buy PowerBlock?

Dumbbells, are the most versatile and efficient exercise tool there is for strength training, and PowerBlock provides the easiest and quickest way to develop a training routine using dumbbells.

PowerBlock are considered the best dumbbells for a number of reasons:

· The best compact design

· Longer guarantee

· More durable weight selection mechanism

· Steel or urethane plates

· Expansion packs

· Plates of different weights

· Save time, space and money

· Change weights quickly and easily

· Does the same work as a whole rack of dumbbells

· By purchasing Powerblock your collection of weights will be complete


The history of PowerBlock

PowerBlock, was set up in 1991, by the fitness experts Greg Olson and Carl Towley.

While seeking to meet a specific requirement in the fitness industry, their attention was struck by the vast quantities of weights they found in the specialized physical fitness shops they visited.

They believed there had to be a better way to provide the same functions as traditional dumbbells. And it was in this moment that the idea of PowerBlock was born. After two years of thorough testing, PowerBlock was put on sale, and since then it has been the leader in the fitness industry, constantly striving to satisfy all the needs of its users.