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Powerbags or Sand Bags are toning accessories that offer great freedom of movement during workouts, making it possible to work out several groups of muscles. For this reason power bags are widely used both in the home and by professionals as well as in recovery from injuries. More info

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  • Is a very effective tool in training areas with very varying programs such as programs for elite athletes, domestic physical activity training, different kinds of rehabilitation after injury or personal training programs.
    Tunturi Strengthbag

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    Tunturi Strengthbag

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    Buyer's Guide to Powerbags

    There are many different models of powerbags on the market, and the characteristics vary greatly, so it is necessary to choose one that meets our requirements.

    • 1) Quality of the bag materials
    • 2) Number and location of grips
    • 3) Grip Material
    • 4) Weight of the accessory

    1) Quality of the bag materials

    Generally the bag is made of very resistant nylon, but it is important for all the stitching of the bag, straps and grips to be strong and secure, for the product life of the powerbag to be as long as possible.

    2) Number and location of grips

    Powerbags have straps which are held during workouts. Although nearly all models have grips parallel to the length of the bag and another at each of the ends. There are models that also have perpendicular grips and at both ends, which makes it possible to do more exercises without generating extra tension in the joints.

    3) Grip Material

    There are two types of grips for powerbags, those with straps and those with thicker and anti-slip straps, which make them safer and more comfortable when training.

    4) Weight of power bags

    Although there are powerbags whose weight may be modified, ideal bags have a fixed weight, because they stay stable during the workout. On the other hand, adjustable models have bags that move during workouts, causing an uncomfortable inertia.


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