In order to combat stress in everyday situations and to achieve a profound state of relaxation, Pip uses the most advanced technology to develop innovative products which improve people's health and well-being.

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Why buy Pip?

· Pip uses electrodermal activity: Pip enables you to see the body's response to stress via Electrodermal Activity (EDA). When you are faced with stressful situations, the body responds by unchaining a series of physiological changes such as activity in the sweat glands on the surface of the skin. Pip uses this Electrodermal Activity to determine the precise moments of stress and of relaxation.

· Connecting science and emotion: Pip provides various techniques for dealing with stress and allows you to visualize the changes taking place at different levels of stress. One of these is biofeedback, an effective technique which not only helps you to recognize and to control stress but also how to live a stress free life.

· Multiple applications: The apps compatible with Pip give access to the quickest and easiest ways to relaxation, that is, by providing a virtual personal trainer in order to combat stress. These apps obtain real time information about the changes brought about at different levels of stress, and determine if the technique used to combat the stress is being effective or not and if not, to change it.

· Applying the most advanced technology and the best development techniques: Pip has been developed with the most advanced technology under close collaboration with experts in stress. And it is for this reason that this product is currently being used by therapists, psychologists and sports trainers all over the world.