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Anti-pain and rehabilitation electro stimulators are devices that, by transmitting electric impulses to the muscles, favour the rehabilitation of injuries and alleviate slight everyday pains. Vascular and pain relief programmes especially: prevent back pain, reduce the sensation of heavy legs, decontract and relax muscles, and improve your wellbeing. Electro-stimulation is a recognized technique, whose efficiency has been validated by numerous scientific studies and which is employed in hospitals and physiotherapy clinics for medical use. More info

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  • Has selected specific currents that calm and relaxes your muscles.
    Sport-Elec Farmadolor Electrostimulator
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    A Buyer's Guide to anti-pain and rehabilitation electro stimulators

    Electro stimulators for rehabilitation and treating pain, mainly have specific programmes to improve the user's health that may vary according to the model. Designed to help prepare the body before a physical effort and to recover rapidly afterwards, these electro stimulators are perfect for active people who are trying to improve their life quality and alleviate pains. Among the benefits offered by electro stimulators of this kind are the following:

    • · Prevention of muscle injuries.
    • · Alleviate pains in affected areas.
    • · Calm cervical pains.
    • · Improve localized blood circulation.
    • · Tone muscles.
    • · Favour a quicker and more optimal recovery.
    • · Increase stamina.
    • · Build up muscle volume and strength.

    The main aspect to bear in mind when purchasing an electro stimulator of this kind is the number and the type of the programmes available, as depending on the model, the possible treatments will differ.


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