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Electrodes are electrical conductors are used to send an electrical impulse from the electro stimulator to the muscle on which you want to work. When the electro stimulator transmits the signal, this passes through the electrodes reaching the muscle in the safest and most efficient way. Gels are used to improve the conductivity of the electrode and gives them a longer operating life. More info

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  • Electrostimulation gel specially designed for belt electroestimulator YR30.
    Tecnovita YRG01 Electrostimulation Gel

A buyer's guide to electrodes and gels


When it comes to buying replacement electrodes, you should bear in mind the brand, the model and the type of connection, to ensure that the electrode you choose is compatible with the electro stimulator.

When should you replace the electrodes?

The operating life of an electrode is determined by its use, the use of gel and even the skin type of the user. When the electrodes start to show clear signs of wear and tear, it is time to replace them with new ones. The clearest sign of wear and tear is the start of a somewhat unpleasant sensation during the use of the electro stimulator, just at the point of application. Whether you feel this sensation or not, whenever the electrode is dirty or the gel does not appear to be in good condition, you should replace it with a new one.


The electro-stimulation gel acts as a conductor of the electrical impulse and improves the contact between the skin and the electrode, enhancing comfort, conductivity and the efficiency of the stimulation. Gel is especially recommended for electro-stimulation on dry skin or body areas with a lot of body hair. It is also used to extend the operating life of the electrodes when they begin to lose their adhesive properties and therefore lose their efficiency. These gels adapt to all kinds of accessories and it is only necessary to add a small quantity in the area in which the electrode will be placed.


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