Nutricosmetics Amix

The nutricosmetics category is made up of natural food supplements that aim to enhance aesthetic qualities due to the nutrients they contain. Nutricosmetics, combined with a healthy diet, ensure a much more efficient result than traditional cosmetics.

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  • Supports the cardiovascular health and has antioxidant effects.
    Amix Pure Resveratrol Anti-Ox - 60 capsules
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    • Goal: Improve performance
    • Administration: With meals
    • Format: Capsules
    • Vegan: No
  • AmixTM No Fat&Cellulite Gel is specially designed formula to combat the accumulation of the subcutaneous fat.
    Amix No Fat & Cellulite Gel - 200ml
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    • Goal: Loose weight
    • Administration: At any time
    • Format: Cream
    • Vegan: No

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