MuscleTech, an American brand dedicated to research, development and the manufacture of sports nutrition, offers a wide range of supplements for even the most demanding athletes and bodybuilders.

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· Helps you to reach your targets: MuscleTech has a wide range of supplements which promote the increase of muscle mass and weight loss, increase energy levels, and favour health and general wellbeing.

· Backs development and foster innovation: In order to guarantee the complete effectiveness and safety of its products, MuscleTech carries out studies and is assessed by top scientists from universities in the United States.

· Manufactures supplements using the best ingredients: MuscleTech has been providing supplements made with scientifically tested ingredients for more than 20 years, and continues to raise quality standards in all of their nutritional supplements.

· Guarantee the best quality: All MuscleTech products have to pass stringent quality controls, guaranteeing some of the most effective and safest supplements on the market.

· Backed by team of specialist experts: In order to provide the best sports nutrition to the most demanding athletes and bodybuilders, MuscleTech has a team of experts who focus on the study, research and development of advanced formulas.

· A worldwide reputation: With more than 50 patents in the USA, MuscleTech boasts both a marvelous global reputation within the sector and many professional athletes among its clients.


History of MuscleTech

In 1995, the company Lovate Health Sciences International, launched the MuscleTech brand in Ontario, (Canada). MuscleTech began commercializing just three products. In just over two years, their products had achieved great success in the sector, prompting the company to broaden its range until it became one of the leading brands of sports supplements existing in the market nowadays.

Currently, MuscleTech continues to research, develop and produce high quality sports supplements making it one of the market leaders in the industry.