Multipower, with over 30 years of experience in the field of developing and manufacturing sports nutrition supplements, offers a wide range of top quality products which are distributed in 36 countries to sportsmen and women from all kinds of activities and with different objectives.

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Why buy Multipower?

Research and Development projects : Multipower has an R&D laboratory in which food scientists and nutrition experts work to provide the best products on the market.

Products approved by athletes: This brand collaborates continuously with expert sportsmen and women from all areas who test the products for the flavour and effectiveness.

Takes on board available knowledge: Thanks to collaboration with associations such as, for example, St Pauli FC, Multipower gathers findings directly from the sports elite, and this information influences their product renewal.

Total control over processes: Multipower maintains a close relationship with the Bleckede factory, situated just one hour from its headquarters. Due to the short distance between the factory and the company headquarters, Multipower maintains complete control over all the production processes.

Continuous development : Athletes and their needs are continuously changing and so the brand changes around 300 raw materials in its range every year and updates approximately 100 formulas.

Passing every quality check: The company passes all the quality controls in order to place each and every one of its products on the market with the highest possible quality.


The History of Multipower

Multipower was set up in 1977, just when sports nutrition was starting to gain strength in Europe. In the beginning, the basement of one of its founders served as the production plant, and it was there that handmade labels were produced with the help of a typewriter.

It was in 1980 when the production of nutrition products began and quality control and logistics were set up in the Bleckede factory, but it was not until 1984 when the first brands like Multikraft and Multaben came onto the market. Four years later, the company decided to change the name of the brand "Multikraft" to the name by which it is known today, "Multipower", and from then on the production became more professional and successful.

Due to the rise in popularity of body building, fitness also became fashionable, and so Multipower decided to broaden its range of products to reach this new group of sportsmen and women. Nowadays, the brand had become the leader in the manufacture of sports nutrition supplements, and its products are now distributed in 36 countries throughout the world.