Medicine balls SKLZ

Medicine balls are one of the best accessories for weight lifting workouts and for carrying out a very complete training plan. A simple, economical and very versatile tool to train with and improve body coordination, strength and stamina. They have variable diameters and are made of leather, rubber or plastic, with different weights available in order to guarantee training suited for every user. More info

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  • Train upper body, rotational power and core strength. Non-slip pattern offers secure grip.
    SKLZ Medicine Ball

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    SKLZ Medicine Ball

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    Weight: 6lb/2.72kg, 8lb/3.6kg, 12lb/5.4kg, 15lb/6.8Kg

    • Can be integrated into any sport-specific or rehabilitative movement for added resistance and can enhance any training program. Use them to develop core strength, explosive power, total-body coordination, range of motion and flexibility.
      SKLZ Medicine Ball 2LB - 0.9Kg

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      SKLZ Medicine Ball 2LB - 0.9Kg

    • Patented program designed by EXOS, the leader in human performance.
      SKLZ Trainer Medicine Ball (Self-Guide) 3.63kg - 8lb

    Buyer's Guide to Medicine Balls

    Medicine balls are Swiss balls and are tools that offer many training options, as their instability means that handling them requires a special workout for muscles and for limbs. Work which gives important benefits for almost all sports from an aerobic point of view and strengthens joints and muscles. As well as toning the muscles, they burn off fat and improve sports performance. Medicine balls:

    • · Provide muscular toning, strength, power, coordination, balance and resistance.
    • · Enable greater mobility and involve different parts of the body: arms, legs and trunk.
    • · Offer high intensity work for muscles and joints.
    • · Are an excellent way of aerobic training.
    • · Develop explosive strength and stamina.
    • · Prevent muscle and joint injuries.
    • · Contribute to correcting bad posture.
    • · Serve as a relaxation technique and help to eliminate accumulated tension.
    • · There are different sizes and weights to adjust the exercise to each user.
    • · Suitable for all ages.

    Training with medicine balls requires great body control, so you have to bear in mind the size and weight of the ball in order to avoid injuries and work as efficiently as possible.

    Medicine Balls

    Size and weight of the Medicine Ball

    Medicine balls are different weights and sizes. The greater the weight of the ball, the greater the size and the colour will also be different. Generally, the minimum weight of the lightest ball is 1 Kg, and the heaviest is 15 Kgs.

    A suitable weight for the medicine ball is determined according to the exercise you are going to do and the level of strength of the user and the number of repetitions. For power training, the weight of the medicine ball should be 30%-50% of your capacity. For activities that involve multiple joints, the medicine ball should be big enough to be able to control it with both hands. For abs workouts, the size of the medicine ball should be smaller and lighter so as to be able to maximize the speed and technique.

    Medicine Balls

    A good way to start to train with medicine balls is to choose a light one at first to learn posture and technique, and progressively increase the weight as you advance through the exercises and training and increase your strength.


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