European leader in fitness gloves and technical accessories, combining top of the range materials with an advanced design, providing increased performance and safety during the most demanding exercises.

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Why buy LOF?

LOF is dedicated to the design, production and distribution of a wide and impeccably finished range of functionally designed, high performance gloves and fitness accessories. Products manufactured with the aim of meeting the requirements of protection, grip, comfort and adaptability both for the most demanding and experienced sportsperson and for the average user or even those who have just taken up any number of activities such as: body building, fitness, body-pump, weight-lifting, cycling or outdoor training among others.

The main advantages of LOF are:

· Protection and safety against the main risks to your muscles and joints during exercises involving arms and hands.

· Maximum non-slip fabrics and materials to increase grip and control for maximum purchase during exercise.

· Gloves with practical quick release straps for easy removal.

· Accessories for working with heavier weights, also improving safety for the sportsperson.

· Anatomically designed specifically for both men and women.


The history of LOF

European Lof, S.L. was set up in 1997 with the primary objective of providing fitness enthusiasts with a range of gloves and accessories with the required technology for them to get the best performance, coupled with maximum safety during exercise.

Since then, the company has been manufacturing professional gloves, both for men and women, to the highest standards of quality and design. Every glove is submitted to rigorous quality controls to ensure against any manufacturing defect. For this reason, year by year, LOF has won the trust of European distributors and consumers, obtaining the highest ratings in numerous countries.