Jawbone, world leader in consumer technology and portable devices, manufactures hardware products and software platforms based on data science, with the aim of improving users' lifestyles.

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Why buy Jawbone?

· Jawbone's UP: This system helps people have a better quality of life, giving them personalized information about how to sleep, move and eat.

· API: Its open API (UP platform) includes an ecosystem of applications and services that make up UP, in order to offer the user new personalized experiences.

· Creator of other families: Jawbone is also the creator of the JAMBOX family of wireless speakers, the highest selling and prize winning Jawbone ERA Bluetooth: earphones and Noise Assassin technology.

· Unique system to monitor your lifestyle: Jawbone champions a concept of a unique lifestyle, with over 600 patents related to activity quantifiers and portable technology manufacturing processes.

· Jawbone around the world: Jawbone has its headquarters in San Francisco, offices around the world and Jawbone products are available in over 40 countries around the world.


History of Jawbone

Alexander Asseily and Hosain Rahman, who met at Stanford University, founded Aliph (which later became known as Jawbone) in 1999 to develop noise cancelling technology for the US army.

In 2002, when they achieved their full potential, the couple started to develop earphones for mobile phones, designed for the listener to avoid background noise.

In 2008, New Jawbone appeared for the first time in the Apple Store, and thus, today has become the world leader in consumer technology and portable devices.

In 2010 Jawbone received the IDSA Design of the Decade Award and is the creator of the family of Jambox speakers (a success in sales), Jawbone ERA earphones and ICON Bluetooth and NoiseAssassin technology. In March 2014 the company launched the UP24 wristband in 29 countries, the definitive hardware for the UP System. This system, composed of a wristband, mobile application and data service, provides the user with information about sleep, physical activity and eating habits in order to help them take the best decisions in daily life.