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Jawbone UPmove Grape Jawbone Get fit, lose weight and have fun doing it. Count your steps and track your sleep, it gets you over the hump and moving on your path to a better you. Activity trackers JL06-53A53-EU2 10006028

Characteristics Jawbone UPmove Grape

Move more. Get fit.

Get fit, lose weight and have fun doing it. UP MOVE™ comes in a bunch of brilliant colors that you can mix and match with accessories. Clip it on and wear it anywhere. And with an LED display and Smart Coach to guide you, the UP MOVE™ tracker doesn’t just count your steps and track your sleep—it gets you over the hump and moving on your path to a better you.

Feature highlights:

· Activity Tracking:
  The simplest way to track your steps, exercise and overall calories burned throughout the day. Knowing this is the first step to get more active and stay motivated.
jawbone up-move
· Sleep Tracking:
  Easily track hours slept and quality of sleep. Smart Coach learns your habits then gives you personalized suggestions to help you get to bed on time.
jawbone up-move
· Smart Coach:
  Forget basic step counts and canned advice. Smart Coach helps you understand what changes you should make and helps you move more everyday
jawbone up-move


· LED Display:
  LED display indicates time, progress towards your goals at a glance and more.

· Wireless Syncing:
  The UP MOVE™ band is always connected via Bluetooth®, providing real-time progress reports and feedback so that you can stay motivated and live better.

· Water-Resistant
  UP MOVE is splash resistant, so no need to worry about rain or sweet from a hard workout. Just don't submerge it.

· Continuous Updates:
  Continuously gets better with new features delivered through free UP software and app updates.
· Calories Burned:
  UP® measures calories burned by establishing your basal metabolic rate (BMR), calculated from your age, weight, height and activity levels using the most up to date published medical standards. Understanding how your activity increases the amount of calories burned over your BMR is one of the most effective ways to manage your weight.

· Steps:
  Our built in accelerometer accurately counts your steps, no matter where you go or how you wear it. This allows you to set customized goals and see your progress over time. The National Institute of Health (NIH) recommends that you take at least 10,000 steps per day in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and UP® helps get you there.

· Friends & Family:
  Never go it alone. UP® allows you to connect with friends and family, so you can reach your goals together. When UP® community members have three or more friends on their team, they move at least 10 extra miles a month. That’s a lot of calories burned.

· Goals:
  Keep your eyes on the prize by setting personalized goals: from steps per day and hours slept, to target weight. The UP® system helps you reach your goals with activity recommendations, helpful tips, and encouraging reminders.

· Today I Will:
  Smart Coach motivates you when you need a push with personal challenges like staying hydrated or increasing your activity.

· Food & Drink Logging:
  Improve the quality of your diet and achieve your ideal weight by logging your meals in the UP® App. Track food, drinks, calories and nutrients in the app by scanning a barcode or logging a meal at your favorite restaurant. There's even a Food Score to help you know how healthy your food choices are on a simple scale of 1-10.

· Mood Tracking: 
  Track how you're feeling throughout the day and Smart Coach provide sleep and activity insights to help improve your mood.
jawbone up-move

Details & Specs:
In the box:
· UP Move Tracker
· UP Move Clip
· Replicable battery
· Quick Start Guide

Materials & care:
· Device: Nylon like material
· Back Panel: Anodized aluminum with less than 0.5% nickel (see FAQ for details)
· Clip: Medical grade TPU rubber
· Strap: Medical grade TPU rubber
· Splash-resistant, but do not submerge

Up Move dimensions & weight:
· Device size: 27.64mm L x 27.64 mm W x 9.75H
· Device weight (tracker only): 6.8gm

Power & battery:
· non-rechargeable, CR2032 Lithium Coin 3V 225mAh battery
· Battery life: Up to 6 months

Sensor & interface:
· Bluetooth® 4.0 BLE
· Tri-axis accelerometer
· 12 White LEDs, 1 Orange LED, and 1 Blue LED indicate motor time, charge states, progress and current status

Up Move FAQS:

What is Up? What does it do?
Tracker + App + You = The Up System
The UP® system takes a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. The UP MOVE™ tracker captures your movement in the background, and by adding the wristband, UP MOVE can also track your sleep. The app displays your data, lets you add things like meals and mood, and delivers insights that keep you moving forward.

How does up track my movement and sleep?
The UP MOVE™ tracker uses a precision motion sensor and powerful algorithms to passively track and quantify your steps, distance, calories, active time, and idle time. The UP® app then calculates calories burned based on your age, gender, height and weight, along with activity intensity and duration.
UP MOVE™ uses actigraphy to track your sleep, monitoring your micro movements to determine whether you are awake or asleep. For best results, wear UP MOVE on your wrist at night while you sleep.

Will it work if i cycle, do yoga, or other non-step-based workouts?
From inside the UP® App you can log the duration and effort level of a variety of different workout types, including yoga, cycling and swimming. This way, you can get credit and estimated caloric burn for non-step-based activities. Additionally, the UP MOVE™ has a workout mode button that lets you set the start and end time of your activity directly from the tracker. You can add the details later from inside the app.

How do I put my Up Move in workout mode?
To enter workout mode, press and then press and hold, the light will animate around the perimeter and a running man icon will blink. To end work out press and hold, perimeter will light up, running man will appear solid. From inside the app, you can designate what type of workout you completed or you can enter the details of your workout once you’ve synced the tracker.

How do I put my Up Move in sleep mode?
To put your tracker into sleep mode, press and hold the button to enter sleep mode, you will see a moon icon pulse indicating you are in sleep mode. To wake up, press and hold to exit.

How does UP track what I eat, and where do the nutrition guidelines come from?
We've made tracking what you eat or drink quick and easy, with the flexibility to go as light or deep as you want. This can be as simple as using a photo or using the in app barcode scanner to capture all of the information in a nutrition label.

Is it water resistant? Can I wear it swimming?
Your UP MOVE™ tracker is rain, splash, sweat, and shower-resistant, but you should remove your tracker before swimming, surfing, or exposing to other extreme conditions and activities like saunas and steam rooms. Do not submerge your tracker in liquids, including hot tubs or baths, at any time.

What is Up Move made of?
The UP MOVE™ tracker is encased in medical-grade, hypoallergenic rubber. It is smooth, flexible and completely latex-free. The back casing is made of anodized aluminum. The clip and optional accessory wristbands are made of medical-grade hypoallergenic rubber. Inside, the tracker contains sophisticated technology — a processing core, Lithium battery, sensors and memory — so treat your UP MOVE™ tracker with care.

Does the Up Move device contain nickel?
All Jawbone products are produced under strict quality assurance and quality control procedures that surpass both European and International legislations and standards for consumer products, in particular the EN1811 standard for nickel release. The UP MOVE™ back panel battery cover is made of anodized aluminum and contains less than 0.5% nickel. When the device is worn in the clip, the back panel is covered by medical-grade hypoallergenic TPU rubber and does not come into contact with the skin. If the device is worn with the accessory wristband, the back panel cover does come into contact with the skin. For those who are severely allergic to nickel, you can contact Jawbone customer care for an alternative plastic back panel cover (free of charge). NOTE: Use of the plastic back panel cover will affect the water-resistance of UP MOVE™.

How do I clean my tracker?
Clean the exterior of your tracker with Isopropyl Alcohol or alcohol-based sanitizer applied to a cloth or cotton swab. Do not submerge the tracker in any liquids.

How long does the battery last?
The replaceable non-rechargeable Lithium UP MOVE™ battery lasts up to 6 months.

How does Up sync?
The UP MOVE™ tracker was designed to wirelessly sync your data in the background using Bluetooth® Smart.

How do I get the app?
The UP® App is available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

What data is stored on the UP move tracker, in the app, or on my phone? What if I want to delete my data?
Your tracker will store up to nine months of movement and sleep data. You can delete any activity or sleep tracked in the band via the Help screen in the app. Performing a hard reset of the band will also erase all data from your band. Once synced, your data is stored in the Cloud so you can access your data anywhere, though the app will cache your most recent data to improve performance.

Is UP connected to facebook or twitter? Can I share my UP data through my existing social networks?
The UP® App allows you to share your experience in a number of fun ways. You can post your move, sleep, eat summaries through Facebook and Twitter. You can share your favorite insights with people via text, email, or Facebook. And through the UP App, you can even create a team of your friends and family so you can share your progress, challenge each other, or cheer each other on. You can connect with friends who use UP through your address book, Facebook and Twitter contacts, or by email lookup, and then choose what information is shared with them within the UP App. Only your name and profile image are publicly searchable in the UP® directory.

How does jawbone protect my privacy?
Jawbone believes your data belongs to you. We take the responsibility of protecting your data and privacy seriously. You must accept a friend request in order for any of your data to be shared, and you can also choose what information is shared.

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Great easy to use device

Very pleased I purchased the upmove rather than the bracelet type as can be hidden under clothing it's easy to use and surprising how committed you become to logging your daily food intake and exercise very good product at a reasonable price for first time users.

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Jawbone UPmove Grape
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Not so accurate on the clip

I bought this as a healthcare worker, because I need to be bare below the elbows. I wore the tracker on my pocket and it was not nearly as accurate as when I wore it on the wrist. I'm going to try clipping it to my laces (I was a brosette back in the day) and see if that helps. Having said that, that's the only downside. It's cheap, easy to operate, and the app is fantastic and links in with lots of others. I'll be buying another if this one fails!

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Jawbone UPmove Grape
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2 received options