With the aim of improving your training experience and to guarantee comfort during exercise, Jabra design and manufacture excellent quality earbuds incorporating the latest technology on the market.

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Jabra is a specialist in audio technology and communication: With more than 145 years of experience, Jabra earbuds guarantee fantastic comfort, with the latest wireless technology and boast an elegant design and unbeatable, high quality sound.

Jabra focus on people: Jabra dedicate time on thinking about how people work, live and train, and in how technology can help to make all these easier and more pleasant.

Committed to the environment: Aware of their role in protecting the environment, Jabra are determined to minimize the ecological footprint of their products and so are constantly seeking methods which have the lowest possible impact on the environment. Moreover, Jabra comply closely with the local and international regulations regarding low energy consumption and the use of safe materials.

Devices which are recognized throughout the world: Jabra earbuds are recognized throughout the world for their excellent quality and their innovative use of technology, which help to make peoples lives easier.


History of Jabra

1869: C. F. Tietgen set up the Great Northern Telegraph Company (GN). For a 100 years, this company stretched further afield in the telegraph sector and by 1907, it had become one of the leading international telegraph companies. In 1969 they celebrated their hundredth anniversary by inaugurating the Japan-Russia connection.

1977: GN bought Danesa Danavox, a company dedicated to the manufacture of headphones. This purchase changed the history of GN.

1985: GN changed its name to "GN Great Nordic" in order to create a new group identity which would include all its subsidiaries: GN Danavox, GN Nettest, GN Automatic, etc.

1986: GN decided to move production of GN Danavox earbuds to a new telecommunications division. The new division took the name GN Netcom.

1987: The company realizes that their future lies in earbuds when GN Netcom sales increased by 34%. This made 1987 the best year of their history.

2000: GN Netcom bought Jabra, the leading manufacturer of mobile handsfree mobile devices in the United States.

2006: 2006: All the GN divisions moved to the same building.

2009: 2009: The GN earbuds were sold throughout the world under the Jabra brand. By joining all their operations under one brand, Jabra strengthened their position as the world's leading market supplier.