This American company is leader in healthcare with the use of new technologies. Their devices are conceived as groundbreaking solutions for monitoring and improving the wellbeing of their clients through the direct use of their own Smartphone or Tablet.

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Why buy iHealth?

Their award-winning line of products includes everything necessary to improve the quality of life of their clients: activity and sleep monitors, blood pressure monitors, body analysis scales and pulse-oximeters. Thanks to this range of products it is possible to track data such as weight, diet, blood pressure or physical activity using your Smartphone or Tablet, with the help of a simple and intuitive app, and with free cloud access.

· Blood pressure monitors: Track your blood pressure, both systolic, diastolic as well as your pulse rate and transfer the results to a Smartphone or a Tablet via Bluetooth so it can be shared more easily with your doctor.

· Scales: Analyze your weight, body fat, muscle mass, calories and other measurements. With these products it is possible to set targets, track progress and monitor your development.

· Fitness: A line of products with which to measure the level of oxygen in the blood as well as the pulse rate, to monitor physical activity and the calories burned, to carry out a thorough analysis of sleep quality and its various phases, etc.

iHealth's own health centre marks the difference in the brand over its competitors. The My Vitals App –available free from Google Play and iTunes- is in reality a fantastic health management centre which registers and stores online all the user's data. A personal database to which you can log on to at any time and from anywhere in the world.


History of iHealth

iHeath Labs is one of the longest running and most dynamic companies in the m-Health sector. It was set up with the principal objective of integrating health with mobile technology by means of a wide range of products which are especially designed to combat heart disease and diabetes. Its objective is to help people to live healthier lives, through the manufacture of devices and software which enable the users to take a more active role in managing their health.