HoMedics offers a line of products to help all our users to relax, lift their spirits and simplify their lives. As a leader in the innovation of personal care, wellness and health products, HoMedics strives to provide its clients with the best products for their wellbeing.

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HoMedics believes that nothing is more important than the health of its clients.

Its revolutionary products and ideas have transformed the concept of wellbeing and personal care throughout the world. The brand continues to research into the latest and most advanced technologies in order to continue providing the best products and the highest possible quality; products which create a pleasant and healthy atmosphere in the home and help to relax the body and reduce stress, helping you to feel so much better.


HoMedics History

Founded in 1987 by Ron Ferber (president) and Alon Kaufman (CEO), HoMedics started as a company specialized in massagers for the home market.

With time, experience and the addition of new categories and products to its catalogue (massage, beauty and relax), all aimed at promoting the wellbeing of its clients, HoMedics grew from being a family business to become a prestigious, internationally recognized brand. Currently its products are sold in more than 60 countries.