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HMB (Hydroxymethyl butyrate) is a metabolite derived from leucine (branch chained amino acid) which is able to minimize the loss of muscle mass. More info

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    Quamtrax Pro HMB - 120 caps

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    • Goal:Muscle recovery
    • Administration:Before and after training
    • Format:Powder
    • Vegan:No

L-Carnitine & CLA: Benefits

Benefits of HMB

· Decreases protein breakdown and increases muscle mass and strength.

· Saves muscle glycogen and accelerates the recovery process.

· Reduces damage caused by exercise.

· Protects the cardiovascular system.

· Enhances the action of anabolic hormones.

The recommended doses of HMB are between 2 and 6 grams, and must be consumed both on training days and rest days. In addition, it is advisable to combine it with other nutritional supplements such as carbohydrates, whey proteins or creatine.

Use of HMB

Combinations of HMB with other supplements:

· HMB + Creatine: the effects of both increase.

· HMB + L-Arginine + L-Glutamine: Increases fat free weight and strengthens the immunological system.

· HMB + Alfa-Ceto-Isocaproic Acid: Decreases the symptoms of muscle damage caused by muscle strengthening workouts.

· HMB + Beta-Alanine: Reduces muscle problems after workouts and accelerates recovery.


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