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Handles or Grips are accessories that increase the training options of multi-stations. These strength training accessories can be added to either high or low pulleys in order to increase the exercise possibilities. Therefore, depending on the kind of handle, the exercises to be carried out and the muscles to be exercised will vary.

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  • Give your fingers a hand with ergonomically designed, textured grip stirrup handles that are ideal for all your lifting and pulling exercises.
    Body-Solid Nylon Stirrup Handle NB59

    Delivery 2 working days

    Body-Solid Nylon Stirrup Handle NB59

  • Grip strength is often overlooked in strength training, but it is a critical aspect to increase performance of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
    Body-Solid Dog Bone Grip BSTDB

    Delivery 2 working days

    Body-Solid Dog Bone Grip BSTDB

  • Get a grip on comfortable, efficient shoulder presses, bicep and tricep exercises, lat pulldowns and many other exercises.
    Body-Solid GDCC Bar Attachment
  • rovide several ways to increase grip strength. 3'' Diameter.
    Body-Solid Cannoball Grips BSTCB
  • Challenge your grip strength and target your forearms with Body-Solid Tools' BSTNG Nunchuck Grips.
    Body-Solid Nun-Chunk Grips BSTNG
  • They feature edges that won't pinch, scrape or cut, and a patented neoprene lining that allows hands to ''breathe'' while in use.
    Body-Solid Nylon Tricep Strap NTS10

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