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Extreme Force by GoldNutrition, boasts a wide range of nutritional supplements which ensure maximum performance in strength training.

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Why buy Extreme Force?

Years of experience: Extreme Force, the GoldNutrition line which guarantees maximum performance in strength training, comes to the market backed by years of experience in the field of supplements for all kinds of athletes from a whole range of sports.

Contributes to develop your body: All the Extreme Force products are formulated specifically for needs of body builders, enabling strength enhancement that exceeds all limits.

Quality Products: Extreme Force products are produced using the knowledge from the most recent studies and the highest quality products on the market.

Extreme Force

History of GoldNutrition

Eco-Nutracêuticos, a Portuguese company in the field of nutritional supplements was founded in 2000 with the mission of supplying safe and natural alternatives to the Portuguese market.

The company enjoyed consistent growth thanks to the commercial experience gathered during several years with the nutrition brand "Twinlab", and in 2003 the first contacts were made to produce its own brand in this area. This is how GoldNutrition was born in 2004, the first Portuguese sports supplements brand and now one of the most prestigious and renowned on the market and which currently participates in and supports sport in general (nationally and internationally), both through the sponsorship of athletes, clubs and teams, and through maintaining a high profile at numerous sports events.

GoldNutrition stands out for its quality products, formulated on the back of scientific research and findings and developed in EU laboratories which meet international quality criteria.

Extreme Force