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The dumbbell is a strength training accessory used for free weight training that is composed of a bar and an equal weight at each end. The work you can carry out with a dumbbell is very similar to that of a bar with weights; the difference is that with the bar you can only work with the two arms at the same time, and with the dumbbell you can also work with only one arm and, in this way, focus the exercises more. Dumbbells are available in different weights, materials and shapes. More info

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  • Standard size vinyl coated weight plates.
    Marcy 18kg Vinyl Dumbbell Set

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    Marcy 18kg Vinyl Dumbbell Set

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    • Load:Fixed
    • Shape:Round
    • Material:Steel/rubber
    • Unit Weight:12.5-25 Kg

Buyers guide for Dumbbells

The use of dumbbells in training offers infinite benefits:

  • · Enable the progressive increase of weight in the loads.
  • · Guarantee greater ergonomics in the exercises, giving greater freedom.
  • · Offer greater intensity in exercises by concentrating effort in each muscle.
  • · Make it possible to carry out a great number of individual exercises.
  • · Guarantee greater balance between the parts of the body.
  • · Improve the strength of tendons, ligaments and joints.
  • · Increase the consumption of calories during training sessions.
  • · Favour the loss of fat and the control and maintenance of weight.
  • · Can be complemented with other accessories such as strength training benches.
  • · Are adaptable to the conditions and demands of the user, and easy to transport and store.

Dumbbells are relatively simple strength training accessories, but it is worth bearing in mind certain aspects when buying them:

  • 1) Kind of dumbbell
  • 2) Weight
  • 3) Material
  • 4) Contour

1) Kind of dumbbell

Dumbbells can be fixed or selectable. Fixed dumbbells are those whose weight is already established and cannot be modified, while selectable dumbbells are those that have different weights to vary intensity during exercise.

2) Weight

Weight is the key factor when buying a dumbbell. Each user will choose the weight he or she considers best for their training, depending on their physical condition, demands, aims... Depending on the make and kind of dumbbells, weights can vary between 0.5-50 Kg.

3) Material

Dumbbells can be manufactured using different materials, this being a key factor in the final price of the accessory. The grip is made of steel, and the coating may be foam, vinyl, chrome steel, rubber or urethane. Rubber dumbbells are designed for strength training exercises, while vinyl is more focussed on group classes such as aerobics.

4) Contour

The contour of the dumbbell may be triangular, square, hexagonal or round.


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