Compex Sport Elite White Edition Electrostimulator + Gift
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Compex Sport Elite White Edition Electrostimulator + Gift

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€599.00 €309.00

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Compex Sport Elite White Edition Electrostimulator + Gift Compex Reveal your potential through improved performance.. Specific training programmes for better results. Sport & Performance 506416 10000225

Characteristics Compex Sport Elite White Edition Electrostimulator + Gift

Reveal your potential through improved performance
Pushing yourself to excel. Living your sport to its fullest
 This has never been a question of ego. Taking yourself to your personal limits is a physical need. The Compex sport elite enables you to improve your performance and enhance your training with « sport » programmes: (endurance, resistance, strength…) and « posteffort/ recovery » programs (contracture, regeneration…).
  • Choose from 7 different body-specific types of stimulation that are adapted for each body part.
  • 5 levels of progression to help you progress, develop and improve session after session.
  • 4 channels provide comprehensive training for the whole body.
  • 6 categories of programmes: sport, pain management, vascular, massage, rehabilitation, fitness.
  • LCD screen with back lighting for easy readability in all circumstances.
  • "Easy Snap" connection system makes it easy to connect the cable to the electrode with one hand by just pressing it on (even for your back!).


Compex Sport Elite White 4 Training Programs
  • Endurance Program
Helps you cope with long-duration aerobic activities and increases muscle resistance to fatigue by building slow-twitch muscle fibers
  • Resistance Program
An all-around program for endurance and strength, building both slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers
  • Strength Program
Increases sheer muscle strength better than conventional weight lifting alone, with less risk of muscle-tendon injury
  • Explosive Strength Program
For developing short bursts of power without the traumatic or violent movements associated with conventional training

And 5 additional programs
  • Potentiation Program
Warms up muscle faster without psychological, muscular or cardiovascular fatigue.
  • Recovery Plus® Program
Does not contract the muscle. Helps clear lactic acid and increase blood flow at lower frequencies -perfect for muscles that are fatigued after a vigorous workout or competition..
  • Pre-Warmup Program
Does not contract the muscle. Runs at a frequency specifically targeted to increase blood flow that oxygenates the muscles prior to a workout or competition. This program is recommended if there is any risk of cramp.
  • Massage Program
Electrostimulation develops the blood capillary network of the exposed muscles. This improves irrigation and oxygenation.

Reach Your Goals When Training with Compex Sport
  • Cyclists - Improve Endurance
  • Runners - Recover Faster and Avoid Muscle Injury
  • Triathletes - Build Muscle and Increase Strength
  • Sprinters - Gain Explosive Speed and Power
  • Football Players - Increase Your Maximal Strength
  • Baseball Players - Get Quicker to Your Strength Threshold
  • Basketball Players - Develop Quick Reactivity and Forceful Response
  • Other Athletes - Enjoy all these benefits and more!
No matter what Sport Elite you are into they all require different physical preparation to achieve peak performance. Speed, Strength, Explosive Power, Resistance, Endurance and Muscle Recovery.

Compex Sport Elite Kit includes
  • Compex Sport Elite Muscle Stimulator (White Edition)
  • Battery Charger
  • Electrode Placement Guidebook
  • Carrying Case
  • Easy Snap Electrode Lead wires (set of 4)
  • 8 small electrodes (5 x 5 cm)
  • 4 large electrodes (5 x 10 cm)

You can see the user manual here


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DeliveryDelivery 1 working day
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Compex is a Swiss brand that began just over twenty years ago and are now the world leader in electro stimulation. Compex have a wealth of expertise in areas including pain relief, sports training and physiotherapy. Electro stimulation is now a widely known training technique and can be used for injury prevention, toning, pain relief, muscular recovery and physical preparation.

Compex now provide essential health care to athletes and sports professionals and their range of electro stimulators have been backed up by clinical trials proving their effectiveness.

Compex electro stimulators are easy to use and are suitable for runners, walkers and cyclists. They provide a safe and intelligent way to accurately reproduce the process of the muscle's voluntary contractions, this technology produces an electric current which is sent to the nerve fibres causing a mechanical response in the muscle. The Compex electrodes can simply be placed on the muscle groups that you wish to work such as the abdominal muscles, hamstrings, calf muscles, plantar arch muscles and lower back muscles.

Compex electrostimulation is a technique that is accessible to everyone.: Compex is used among sports men and women using Compex, it is mainly high-level ones who have incorporated electrostimulation into their physical preparation and also to improve their recovery. There are also Compex electrostimulators for those who want to stay in good shape and/or have a sedentary lifestyle; Electrostimulation can restore or maintain a toned muscular system capable of ensuring effective maintenance of the body and preventing numerous pains. Compex electrostimulators can be used to relieve pain: bad backs, joint pains and neuralgia are common indications of electrostimulation for pain relief which can be done at home or under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

Cefar-Compex enables you to achieve enhanced muscle performance. Rehabilitation, pain relief, recovery, muscular reinforcement, physical beauty...whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend-warrior, Compex electrostimulation devices enable you to achieve, and perhaps exceed your training objectives.


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Hi, I have recently undergone surgery ( 4months) which required my ankle to be fused. This procedure can lead to muscle wastage for my calf muscle. Is the product you have on offer (349 euro) suitable to stimulate the muscle in this case. Regards, Brian.Asked by Brian Stewart from DublinDo you know the answer? Please let us know!0 Answers
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Compex Sport Elite

Very good. Good price. Good Service.

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Compex Sport Elite White Edition Electrostimulator + Gift
4 Stars4 Stars
simple product

very simple product, manual very good

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Compex Sport Elite White Edition Electrostimulator + Gift
5 Stars5 Stars
Great product

Easy programs to use, setting up electrodes and wires can take a few mins but once set up it really is a fantastic piece of equipment. The quality workmanship is evident and you really cant go wrong. Allows for the muscle to be stimulated at a comfortable setting. I love the vascular program that allows you to increase blood flow to the area you are working on. Really does speed up recovery time.

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Compex Sport Elite White Edition Electrostimulator + Gift
5 Stars5 Stars
Absolutely brilliant piece of kit

Amazing machine I use active recovery after my long runs and I love only have it a few weeks so I'm only scratching the surface

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Compex Sport Elite White Edition Electrostimulator + Gift
5 Stars5 Stars
Happy happy

What a great bit of kit , great value for money. Very easy to use . Helping with my rehab . I am house bound so carnt go to physo . Would not be with out this great machine . Many thanks RG

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Compex Sport Elite White Edition Electrostimulator + Gift
5 Stars5 Stars
Great service and easy to use compex!!

It works perfect. It needs some knowledge to know how to use it but as soon as you have done some research it is easy in use. Many different prgrams which is perfect. I also have to say that after the first use, one of the electrodes got broken but fitnessdigital immediatly sent me new ones. Thank you for the great service!!

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Compex Sport Elite White Edition Electrostimulator + Gift
4 Stars4 Stars

Awkward to use

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Compex Sport Elite White Edition Electrostimulator + Gift
3 Stars3 Stars
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