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Cavitation is a non-invasive technique (without surgery) that serves to selectively, efficiently and painlessly eliminate accumulations of fat (cellulitis, orange peel effect) located in the abdomen, hips, sides, arms, inside of the thighs and knees. Cavitation devices have been designed to carry out treatment from the comfort of the home, without appointments and without the need to travel to a beauty centre. For greater safety for the user, the intensity of this equipment is less than that of equipment at specialized centres, so as to be able to carry out longer treatment, without risks, and with totally satisfactory results. More info


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HoMedics USL-1000-EU Slimming System
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HoMedics USL-1000-EU Slimming System


Provides a non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures, using low frequency ultrasound to specificall...

A buyer’s guide to cavitation devices

The main factor to bear in mind when choosing a cavitation device is if the emission of the ultrasound (an acoustic wave whose frequency is higher than the hearing threshold of the human ear) which is continuous, pulsed, or both.

· Pulsed Mode: ultrasound is emitted intermittently. This mode makes it possible to reduce the temperature that ultrasound waves provoke in the materials between the emission phases, so as to able to apply greater ultrasound emission power without the temperature in the materials causing damage.

· Continuous Mode: ultrasound is emitted constantly. This mode produces constant heat in the material, and cannot be cooled down until the emission stops. This mode is not recommendable for use with high power levels.

How does cavitation work?

Cavitation devices, using ultrasounds which are imperceptible for the human being, produce micro-vacuum bubbles in the body, thus breaking down fatty deposits. One of the main advantages that cavitation has is that you can choose the area to treat and free it of fat in a few sessions, even in more difficult areas where cellulitis accumulates.

Benefits of cavitation

Esthetical cavitation devices are high technology equipment that provide a series of benefits that are perceived only a few sessions after starting to use them:

  • · Eliminate cellulitis and orange peel effect.
  • · Reduce the volume and sculpt the figure.
  • · Reaffirming capacity.
  • · Non-invasive, i.e. does not require surgery.
  • · Selective; the user chooses 100% the area to work.
  • · Completely safe (certified by highly prestigious laboratories).
  • · Immediate results.
  • · Provides a lasting effect.
  • · Very easy to use.

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