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Scales or body composition analyzers are electronic devices which provide us with different kinds of data and measurements about our body composition, some even for different body segments (arms, legs and trunk). These scales are especially designed for athletes and sportsmen and sportswomen who want to monitor precisely the effect of each of their training routines on their body composition. The functions and data provided vary according to the model. More info

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  • Saves up to 200 measurements, which you can then filter on the app to only select your own, if your family is using it.
    iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale Lina HS2
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    • Segmental:No
    • Fat %:No
    • Muscle mass:No
    • Removable data.:Yes

A Guide to buying scales

When it comes to choosing which scales to buy, it is worth bearing in mind some important aspects, such as whether the scale is segmental or not, or what functions are featured and which measurements are possible:

Segmental scales

Segmental scale provide segmented measurements, in other words, they measure each part of the body (arms, legs, trunk). The user just has to step on the scales and place their hands on the electrodes as indicated to obtain a complete body measurement. This type of scales is very useful for sportsmen and sportswomen, athletes and anyone who wants greater precision and accuracy in their body measurements and wants to know the impact of their training routines.

Possible measurements

Depending on the model, the data shown will change, but here are just some of the possibilities: Total percentage of water and body fat, daily calorie consumption, weight, bone mass, visceral fat, basal metabolic rate, BMI, etc. Very useful data for any sportsperson who wants to monitor their body composition.


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